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What is the Verifi bed bug detector?  
The Verifi® bed bug detector is a new bed bug inspection tool that gives the hospitality industry a better, easier and more economical way to inspect for bed bugs. Verifi is small, discreet and can be installed quickly without any tools. What’s more, this innovative device utilizes a powerful combination of attractants to draw in and detect bed bugs for up to 90 days, giving you ongoing assurance your rooms are bed bug free and enabling you to detect any newly introduced bed bug infestations at an early stage. 

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Who makes the Verifi bed bug detector?
The Verifi bed bug detector was developed and manufactured by FMC Corporation. Based in Philadelphia, FMC offers the pest control industry’s most trusted brands, including Talstar®, Transport®, CB aerosols, and Cynoff® insecticides.

How does the Verifi bed bug detector work?
The Verifi bed bug detector features an optimized combination of three attractants to draw in and detect bed bugs over short and long periods. These attractants include the Verifi CO2 booster pack, which mimics a human host for approximately 24 hours through an exclusive chemical reaction—no batteries or other power sources required. The Verifi lure features two additional attractants, a kairomone that works to attract bed bugs seeking a meal and a pheromone that works on bed bugs’ natural desire to gather together, both of which are continuously emitted for up to 90 days.

The powerful combination of these attractants helps ensure that bed bugs of every life stage are drawn to the pitfall of the device from which they cannot escape, or a harborage area on the device where evidence of their presence can be observed. Pest management professionals can then inspect the device one to seven days after placement for an initial reading, and on an ongoing basis as part of your service agreement to ensure that treatment has been successful and that no new infestations have been introduced.

Who can use it?
The Verifi bed bug detector should be installed and inspected by a pest management professional who has been trained by FMC on proper use and handling. 

How does my pest professional use the Verifi bed bug detector?
A pest management professional simply activates and assembles the device and then adheres it vertically to any flat surface (walls, headboard, furniture, etc.) where bed bugs are suspected—no tools required. Pest professionals then return within one to seven days to inspect the device and determine what treatment, if any, is necessary. The pest professional can return to inspect and service the device to give you and your customers continuous peace of mind.

How is the Verifi bed bug detector different than what’s on the market?
The Verifi bed bug detector offers many benefits over current detection methods, including:
  • Discrete, small and easy-to-use. With the Verifi bed bug detector, the potential for human error due to subjectivity is minimized. And unlike canine detection, Verifi does not allow for false positives (indicating an infestation is present when there are no bed bugs.), which helps you avoid the cost and environmental concerns of unnecessary chemical applications. In addition, the unobtrusive device does not require your rooms to be taken out of service while detection takes place.
  • Cost-effective. Many current active detection systems are expensive, only in place for a few days and can require that a room be unoccupied during use. Verifi is much less expensive—not to mention less disruptive—than these devices, especially when you consider that Verifi provides up to 90 days of detection.
  • 90 days of detection. The Verifi bed bug detector features replaceable lure components which continuously attract bed bugs for up to 90 days. It also has a replaceable CO2 component for a 24 burst of carbon dioxide. This gives you an unparalleled level of confidence that a treatment program has been successful and that new bed bug populations have not been introduced.
  • Comprehensive. With a combination of three separate attractants, the Verifi bed bug detector casts a very wide net—attracting bed bugs at every life stage, including those not seeking a host. Verifi even detects bed bugs that are part of very low level infestations, which is critical to managing a bed bug population in its early stages.
Where can the Verifi bed bug detector be used?
The Verifi bed bug detector can be installed on walls, on headboards, or behind or underneath furniture  for discreet detection in hotel rooms, conference centers, lounges and lobbies. Because it is unobtrusive and operates silently, there is no need to take rooms out of service while the device is in use.

How many devices should be used per room?
For the average hotel room, FMC recommends the placement of four detectors in the room with the suspected infestation, as well as in adjacent rooms, including those above and below. Your pest management technician should install two devices near the head of the bed, one near the foot of the bed and a fourth on or near other frequently used furniture. Adjacent rooms should also be considered.

Do I need to stop using the room?
Unless there are visible signs of bed bug activity, there is no need to take the room, or adjacent rooms, out of service when inspecting for bed bugs. Once a suspected infestation has been confirmed, the room will need to be taken out of service so that it can be treated. 

Will the Verifi bed bug detector irritate guests?
The Verifi bed bug detector uses components that are naturally occurring and undetectable to humans . A zip-tie closure helps prevent tampering with inner components.

What do I do if the device finds bugs?
Once you’ve established that an infestation is present, your pest management professional can recommend a control strategy.  FMC offers several solutions. In addition, your pest professional can continue checking the Verifi bed bug detector after treatment to confirm success and to ensure that no new bed bugs have been introduced to the room.

What if the device does not find bugs?
If the Verifi bed bug detector does not find any bed bugs on the first inspection (within seven days), there is no need for chemical applications. Your pest management professional can inspect and service the device on a regular basis to make sure that no new bed bugs have been introduced and you can feel secure knowing that Verifi is providing ongoing detection.

Where can I get help with the Verifi bed bug detector?
The Verifi bed bug detector is supported by a technical service department at 800-321-1362.