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The Verifi bed bug detector is ideal for discreet detection in hotels.


The Verifi® bed bug detector offers the hospitality industry huge new advantages over traditional detection methods. Not only is the Verifi bed bug detector a faster, more affordable and more discreet way to confirm a suspected infestation, it can be used on an ongoing basis to help bring you—and your guests—more peace of mind.

Featuring replaceable attractants, the Verifi bed bug detector is the first device to provide ongoing bed bug detection for up to 90 days at a time. Your pest management professional can quickly and easily replace the attractants in the device on a regular basis for year-round monitoring. And because it fits behind beds and other furnishings and operates silently, there is no need to take a room out of service while the Verifi bed bug detector is in place.

With its continuous detection, the Verifi bed bug detector helps alert you to any newly-introduced bed bug populations at an earlier stage, which can increase the success and decrease the cost of your treatment program. It also demonstrates your commitment to protecting your guests from bed bugs.