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Watch the full interview with Dr. Philip Koehler, Professor of Urban Entomology at the University of Florida.


See what top bed bug experts who worked with the Verifi® bed bug detector had to say about how they believe it will impact the industry.

 “An ongoing monitoring program with the Verifi® bed bug detector could find infested locations and then recommend treatment before the infestation is completely out of control.”

“We tested the Verifi® bed bug detector in hotel rooms that had had a previous infestation, but were considered to be free of bed bugs when we put the monitors in.  The Verifi detector was able to detect bed bugs in some of the rooms.” 
            - Dr. Phil Koehler, professor of urban entomology, University of Florida

 “The Verifi® bed bug detector is  very robust - It will pull in bed bugs from a distance. There’s a huge market for a device like this in the hotel industry. If you have 1,000 rooms, you’d need an army of technicians to inspect them. But a detector like Verifi that you can leave in place and check on periodically is a tremendous advantage for everyone.”  
            - Dr. Vernard Lewis, urban entomologist, University of California – Berkeley

“The Verifi® bed bug detector can be left in place long-term. It is relatively small and unobtrusive. I think it would give people peace of mind to know there is something drawing the bed bugs to them I would think a lot of hotels would want to put them in every room.” 
        - Dr. Susan Jones, Associate Professor of Entomology – The Ohio State University

 “I can see pest management professionals placing the Verifi® bed bug detector units in every room of multi-unit housing or hotels within the next year.”  
        - Gail Getty, urban research entomologist, University of California – Berkeley