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Based on the bed bug activity observed in and around installed Verifi® bed bug detectors, a treatment plan can be created and executed. FMC Professional Solutions offers a comprehensive line of control products to help you combat bed bugs from every angle.

  For baseboards and carpet edges: Transport® Mikron™ insecticide

      • Proven effective against bed bugs
      • Completely clear once mixed, for powerful control without staining or messy residue
      • Remains in suspension for even distribution of active ingredient from start to finish
      • Delivers millions of pest-fighting particles to every inch you treat

For cracks and crevices: Talstar® insecticide

      • Industry’s first bifenthrin aerosol product
      • Features an additional active ingredient for fast knockdown 
      • Delivers up to three months of residual control
      • Water-based formulation leaves no mess or oily residue behind

For sensitive areas: CB-40® insecticide

      • Quick knockdown and rapid control in a water-based aerosol formulation
      • Can be used for direct mattress and box spring applications
      • Performs like an oil-based aerosol without residue or staining
      • Has no unpleasant odor
      • Proven effective against eggs and newly hatched nymphs in university trial

For voids, outlets and light fixtures: Cynoff® insecticide dust

      • Formulated with zeta-cypermethrin for impressive control  and lasting residual
      • Features good float properties and an anti-clumping formula
      • Delivers even insecticidal coverage wherever it is applied

*Verifi is intended for detection of bed bugs only and does not prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate bed bugs or any other pest.

Transport is a trademark of Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.