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What is the Verifi® bed bug detector? 
The Verifi® bed bug detector is a new bed bug detection tool that gives pest management professionals a better, easier and more economical way to inspect for bed bugs. Small, discreet and easy-to-use, Verifi features an optimized combination of attractants to draw in and detect bed bugs of all life stages for up to 90 days.

Who makes the Verifi bed bug detector?
The Verifi bed bug detector was developed and manufactured by FMC Corporation. Based in Philadelphia, FMC offers the pest control industry’s most trusted brands, including Talstar®, Transport®,  Cynoff® insecticides and CB® aerosols.
How does the Verifi bed bug detector work?
The Verifi bed bug detector features three attractants to lure bed bugs over both short and long periods of time. These attractants include the Verifi CO2 booster pack, which mimics a living, breathing host for approximately 24 hours through an exclusive chemical reaction—no batteries or other power sources required. The Verifi lure features two additional attractants, a kairomone that works to attract bed bugs seeking a meal, and a pheromone that works on bed bugs’ natural desire to gather together, both of which are continuously and uniformly emitted for up to 90 days.
Verifi is unique in the way that it segregates attractants to prevent bed bug confusion. The CO2 and kairomone lures are vented to draw host-seeking bed bugs to the pitfall where they become trapped and cannot escape detection. The pheromone is vented so that aggregation-seeking bed bugs are drawn to the harborage area of the device. Pest professionals can then inspect the device one to seven days after placement for an initial reading, as well as up to 90 days later, thus ensuring no new infestations have occurred and/or that treatment was successful.

How do I use the Verifi bed bug detector?
A pest management professional simply activates the Verifi CO2 booster pack and inserts it, along with the Verifi lure, into the Verifi core. The Verifi core then slides into the Verifi holster which features a self-adhesive sticker. The pest professional removes the backing and sticks it vertically to any flat surface (walls, headboard, furniture, etc.). Pest professionals then return within one to seven days to inspect the device and determine if treatment is necessary. The Verifi CO2 booster pack can be replaced at any time for another 24-hour burst of carbon dioxide, and the Verifi lure should be replaced every 90 days or sooner, depending on service agreements with customers.

Who can use it?
Any pest management professional can purchase the Verifi bed bug detector from an FMC authorized distributor. Training sessions are being held at distributor and other locations throughout the country in late 2011 and early 2012. Contact your local FMC market specialist to find a location near you.

How is the Verifi bed bug detector different than what’s on the market?
The Verifi bed bug detector offers many benefits over current detection methods, including:
  • Discreet, small and easy-to-use. With the Verifi bed bug detector, the potential for human error due to subjectivity is minimized. And unlike canine detection, Verifi does not allow for false positives (indicating an infestation is present when there are no bed bugs). In addition, the discrete device means that rooms can remain in service while detection takes place.
  • Cost-effective and revenue-generating. Verifi does not require a large financial or time investment. It can be assembled, installed and serviced by one person. Verifi eliminates the need to disassemble and reassemble rooms, minimizing the labor and fatigue associated with visual inspections. This enables professionals to service more accounts each day, so you can grow your client base.
  • 90 days of detection. The replaceable Verifi lure continues to attract bed bugs for up to 90 days. This creates new service opportunities and helps open up a whole new revenue stream for your business. 
  • Comprehensive. Because it attracts both host-seeking and aggregation-seeking bed bugs without causing confusion, Verifi casts a very wide net—influencing all stages of bed bug instars. This enables Verifi to successfully detect very low levels of infestation, which is critical to managing a bed bug population in the earliest possible stages.
Where can I buy the Verifi bed bug detector?
The Verifi bed bug detector can be purchased at authorized distributors throughout the United States.

Where can the Verifi bed bug detector be used?
The Verifi bed bug detector can be installed on walls, on headboards, or behind furniture for discrete detection in homes, apartments, hotels, hospitals, group housing, office buildings and more.

How many devices should be used per room?
FMC recommends placing four detectors in the room with the suspected infestation as well as adjacent rooms—two near the head of the bed, one near the foot of the bed and a fourth on or near other frequently used furniture. Because the device is unobtrusive and operates silently, there is no need to take hotel rooms, offices or retail locations out of service during detection.

What do I do if the device finds bugs?
Once a pest management professional establishes that an infestation is present, FMC recommends an integrated treatment approach to target bed bugs in their many hiding places.
  • Transport® Mikron™ insecticide for indoor crack, crevice and baseboard treatments
  • Talstar® insecticide, an aerosol formulation for residual protection in cracks and crevices
  • CB-40® insecticide for mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture
  • Cynoff® insecticide dust for areas where liquid insecticides aren’t appropriate, like wall voids, around electrical outlets, switch plates and lighting fixtures.
Bed bugs found in and around the device can be treated with CB-40. The Verifi bed bug detector should be free of bed bugs and cleaned with a cloth when it is returned to service following inspection.
Following treatment, the Verifi bed bug detector can also be used to determine if your treatment approach has been successful.

What if the device does not find bugs?
Even if there are no eggs, nymphs or adults found upon the first inspection (within seven days), pest management professionals and their customers can feel secure knowing that a device is providing ongoing detection.

Is the Verifi bed bug detector a registered by the EPA?
Because the Verifi bed bug detector only detects and is not intended to control bed bugs, it is not a pesticide and therefore does not require EPA.

What technical support is available?
Online training is available through Group training may be arranged by contacting your local FMC Market Specialist. The Verifi bed bug detector is also supported by a technical service line at 800-321-1362.

Transport is a trademark of Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.