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Watch the full interview with Dr. Susan Jones, Associate Professor of Entomology at The Ohio State University.


The Verifi® bed bug detector was researched extensively by university researchers in some of the most well-known, reputable urban entomology labs in the country. Here is what some of them have to say:

“The Verifi® bed bug detector is a very effective, very affordable means for detecting bed bugs. It’s going to be a tool that revolutionizes the way we go about detecting bed bugs.”

“The industry desperately needs something that is easy and cost effective. The Verifi detector is just that - cost-effective and very easy to put in place and inspect. It’s simple!”

“PMPs could use Verifi as a monitoring program - it would be much less expensive than having the canine teams come in. Plus it would take less time than a visual inspection.”
            - Dr. Susan Jones, associate professor of entomology – The Ohio State University

“Basically if you find bed bugs in the Verifi detector, you can be sure the room is infested and needs treatment. It’s as simple as that.”

“During our research trials, the Verifi unit detected bed bugs in rooms where they were not obvious with a visual inspection.”

“The Verifi® bed bug detector is a way for PMPs to identify infestations and increase their companies’ revenues by making treatments for infestations that would normally be overlooked. PMPs can also get paid for the monitoring itself, as opposed to just coming in and correcting a problem when it’s out of control.” 
            - Dr. Phil Koehler, professor of urban entomology, University of Florida

“The Verifi® bed bug detector is unique among the monitors currently on the market - it’s very portable and it’s active. The others are less active or passive monitors. I like active monitors best.” 

 “I take my hat off to FMC - they invested a lot of money and time into researching the Verifi® bed bug detector. Some of the smaller companies don’t have the resources to really test a product - and you have to wonder about the reliability of them.”

“PMPs will use the Verifi™ bed bug detector and appreciate it. The pest control industry needs it right now!”

“FMC tested the Verifi bed bug detector in some of the most reputable labs across the country. No one else has done that. It’s very proactive on their part.” 

 “With dogs, you have to schedule them and there’s a time lag. With Verifi, you can purchase them, keep them in inventory, and as the need arises, put them to use.”
            - Dr. Vernard Lewis, urban entomologist, University of California - Berkeley

 “We were really impressed with the performance of the Verifi™ bed bug detector in our trial during August 2011. It successfully indicated the presence of bed bugs in the room.” 

 “I can see the Verifi™ bed bug detector being a component of the PMP’s toolbox from now on.” 
            - Gail Getty, urban research entomologist, University of California - Berkeley