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The innovative design of the Verifi™ bed bug detector offers pest professionals significant advantages over traditional bed bug detection methods.
Verifi bed bug detectors offer advantages over visual inspection.
Visual inspection:
The traditional two-person inspection team is time-consuming, expensive and can be exhausting for your technicians. With the Verifi Bed Bug Detector, your company is able to provide more services in a day than you thought possible. Plus, the occurrence of human error due to subjectivity is minimized.

Verifi bed bug detectors offer advantages over canine inspection.
Canine inspection:
The use of canines for detection is expensive and after a positive signal, the technician still has to search for a bed bug to confirm that the room is infested.  Canines also create a possibility for a false positive (indicating bed bugs are present when they are not .) The Verifi Bed Bug Detector eliminates the potential cost and environmental concerns of unnecessary chemical applications to bring your customers increased value and peace of mind.

Verifi bed bug detectors offer advantages over other detection devices.
Other detection devices:
Current active bed bug detection devices are only in service for, at most, a few days. This creates the potential to miss any bed bugs that did not crawl to the device or were introduced to the room after the inspection.   The Verifi Bed Bug Detector continues to attract bed bugs for 90 days at a time, giving you and your customers ongoing peace of mind.

Most importantly, no other detection method offers pest professionals the business benefits (links to Business Benefits section) that ongoing detection with the Verifi Bed Bug Detector delivers. Featuring replaceable attractants that continuously draw in bed bugs for up to 90 days at a time, the Verifi Bed Bug Detector creates additional service opportunities—and recurring revenue—for your business.