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Discover how the Verifi bed bug detector helps you find more than just bed bugs.


You’ll be amazed at how the Verifi® bed bug detector works, but more than that, how it will change the way you work. As the industry’s first device to provide ongoing detection for up to 90 days at a time,  the Verifi bed bug detector can be inspected and serviced on a regular basis. This helps you create and maintain ongoing service agreements with your customers, even those who do not currently have bed bugs but want to detect any future infestations at an early stage.

The Verifi bed bug detector offers your customers more peace of mind, and gives you a whole new level of confidence in your services by helping you  gauge the severity of infestations and the success of your treatments.

Stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your customers lead to additional revenue for your business. And as more and more pest professionals begin to offer bed bug services, using the Verifi bed bug detector as part of your protocol demonstrates a commitment to superior bed bug service and gives you a competitive advantage.