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See why Lonnie Alonso, President of Columbus Pest Control Inc., thinks the industry needs a device like the Verifi bed bug detector.


Pest professionals who participated in trials with the Verifi® bed bug detector are very excited about what the device means for their customers and their business.

“I firmly believe the industry needs a device like the Verifi® bed bug detector that will allow us to easily be able to inspect or monitor for bed bugs. As we all know bed bugs have become a very, very important factor and the population continues to increase here in Columbus and I know in many other areas throughout the United States. And so what this device gives us is the ability to have a monitoring situation within a given area, be it a room, an apartment, a hotel room, an office building, that’s basically 24/7.”

“From a labor standpoint, the difficulty with visual inspections, particularly in commercial settings, it can take a considerable amount of time to make sure that we’ve been thorough enough to determine whether there is or isn’t any presence of bed bugs. And then to give the staff and the facility the peace of mind that we really feel confident in our report. I believe the Verifi® bed bug detector will add to the credibility of what we are able to tell our customer.”

“Our service will be ongoing with the use of the Verifi® bed bug detector so that we can feel good ourselves knowing that we have solid evidence of bed bugs in order to counsel our customers as to what steps need to be taken.”

            - Lonnie Alonso, President of Columbus Pest Control Inc. Columbus, OH

“The three different attractants in the Verifi® device provide an advantage over other bed bug monitors. The enhanced effect of having all three attractants work together to detect bed bugs is unlike any other product and provides an opportunity for recurring service and ongoing communication with our customers.

“Another benefit with the Verifi device is the harborage. Bed bugs have an inclination to remain in the unit rather than seek other points of harborage, which allows us to quickly detect an affected room.

“Many bed bug detectors with attractants have a limited time period, with the majority becoming ineffective after one week. The Verifi unit can work effectively for up to 90 days.

“One of the greatest advantages with the Verifi device is it allows us to detect and solve a bed bug problem before it escalates to a major problem.  Our customers can quickly identify an issue and communicate it to their PMP, who can then react and treat the problem.  This is a huge benefit for everyone involved.”

Tom Jarzynka, Technical and Training Director, Massey Services, Inc., Orlando, Fla.