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What is the Verifi bed bug detector? 
The Verifi® bed bug detector is a new bed bug inspection tool that gives property owners— including homeowners—a better, easier and more economical way to determine if bed bugs are present. Verifi is small, discreet and can be installed quickly without any tools. What’s more, this innovative device utilizes a powerful combination of attractants to draw in and detect bed bugs for up to 90 days.

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Who makes the Verifi bed bug detector?
The Verifi bed bug detector was developed and manufactured by Philadelphia-based FMC, Corporation, a world leader in pest control products. 

How does the Verifi bed bug detector work?
The Verifi bed bug detector features an optimized combination of three attractants to draw in and detect bed bugs over short and long periods. These attractants include the Verifi CO2 booster pack, which mimics a human host for approximately 24 hours through an exclusive chemical reaction—no batteries or other power sources required. The Verifi lure features two additional attractants, a kairomone that works to lure bed bugs seeking a meal, and a pheromone that works on bed bugs’ natural desire to gather together.

The powerful combination of these attractants helps ensure that bed bugs of every life stage are drawn to the pitfall of the device from which they cannot escape, or a harborage area on the device where evidence of their presence can be observed.  Pest management professionals can then inspect the device one to seven days after placement for an initial reading, as well as on an ongoing basis to help confirm that treatment was successful and that no new infestations have been introduced to the room.

How is the Verifi bed bug detector different?
The Verifi bed bug detector offers many benefits over current detection methods, including:

  • Discrete, small and easy-to-use. With the Verifi bed bug detector, the potential for human error due subjectivity is minimized, and unlike visual inspections, there is no need for you or your pest professionals to disassemble rooms.
  • No false positives. Unlike human or canine detection, Verifi does not allow for false positives (indicating an infestation is present when there are no bed bugs.) This helps you avoid the cost and environmental concerns of any unnecessary treatments.
  • Comprehensive. Verifi casts a very wide net—enticing all stages of bed bugs, even at very low levels of infestation.

Where can the Verifi bed bug detector be used?
The Verifi bed bug detector can be installed on walls, on headboards, or behind or underneath  furniture for discrete detection in any rooms where bed bug activity is suspected.

Will the Verifi bed bug detector irritate my tenants or my family?
The Verifi bed bug detector works uses components that are naturally occurring and undetectable to humans. A zip-tie closure helps prevent tampering with inner components.

What do I do if the device finds bed bugs?
Once you’ve established that an infestation is present, your pest management professional can recommend a control strategy. Because bed bugs hide in many places throughout a room, FMC offers a comprehensive line of proven bed bug control products that your professional pest management company can apply. In addition, your pest professional can continue using the Verifi Bed Bug Detector after treatment to confirm success and/or that no new bed bugs have been introduced to the room.

What if the device does not find bed bugs?
Your pest management professional can inspect and service the device on a regular basis to ensure that no bed bugs have been introduced or to find infestations quickly before they become a problem. You can feel secure knowing that the Verifi bed bug detector is providing ongoing detection.

Where can I get the Verifi bed bug detector?
Call your local pest management professional and ask for Verifi.