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See how every inch of the Verifi bed bug detector has been intelligently engineered to help attract and detect bed bugs.


The Verifi® bed bug detector has been designed to exploit bed bug biology and behavior in order to attract and detect bed bugs, even those that are not currently seeking a meal.

An Inside Look

A. The replaceable Verifi® CO2 booster pack mimics a living, breathing host for about  24  hours using an exclusive chemical reaction to generate carbon dioxide. This reaction starts upon activation and requires no batteries or other power source, allowing for discreet placement and operation.

B. The replaceable Verifi® lure features two additional attractants: a liquid kairomone that attracts bed bugs seeking a meal and a pheromone that encourages bed bugs to gather together in the harborage area of the device(D). These attractants are continuously emitted for up to 90 days.
While some devices that use multiple attractants can confuse bed bugs by mixing signals, the attractants of the Verifi bed bug detector are segregated. The carbon dioxide and liquid kairomone attract bed bugs seeking a meal to the pitfall of the device, while the pheromone encourages bed bugs to gather in the harborage area.

C. Bed bugs fall into the pitfall and are unable to climb out, ensuring the pests can’t escape detection. Tiny holes at the bottom of the pitfall allow attractants to be emitted but prevent any small bed bug nymphs from slipping into the device.

D.  A harborage area on the back of the detector encourages bed bugs to gather where cast skins, eggs and other visual evidence can be observed, signifying an infestation.

E. A self-adhesive sticker allows the detector to be installed without tools.

Verifi is intended for detection of bed bugs only and does not prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate bed bugs or any other pest.