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The innovative design of the Verifi® bed bug detector offers homeowners and property managers significant advantages over traditional bed bug detection methods.

Verifi bed bug detectors offer advantages over visual inspection.
Visual inspection:
The traditional two-person inspection team is time-consuming, expensive and requires rooms with suspected infestations to be disassembled and reassembled. The Verifi bed bug detector can be quickly and easily installed by a single pest management professional without disturbing the rest of the room. Additionally, the occurrence of human error due to subjectivity is minimized.

Verifi bed bug detectors offer advantages over canine inspection.
Canine inspection:
The use of canines for bed bug detection is expensive and creates a possibility for a false positive (indicating bed bugs are present when they are not). The Verifi bed bug detector eliminates the potential cost and environmental concerns of unnecessary chemical applications, bringing you increased value and peace of mind.

Verifi bed bug detectors offer advantages over other detection devices.
Other detection devices:
Current active bed bug detection devices are only in service for, at most, a few days. This creates the potential to miss any bed bugs that did not make it to the device while it was in service or were introduced to the room after the inspection. Competitive devices can also be large and obtrusive and their operation can be noisy and unpleasant, necessitating rooms be kept unoccupied while the device is in use.

Not so with the Verifi bed bug detector. It can be hidden behind beds and furniture and operates silently, so that it can draw in and detect bed bugs around the clock without alerting occupants to its presence. The device is secured with zip ties to help prevent tampering with inner components.