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What to ask your pest management professional

If you suspect bed bugs on your property or in your home, you are probably quite frantic. But take a breath, help is on the way.

Contact your local pest management professional and ask the following questions:

Are you a licensed pest control professional?
What options do I have for bed bug detection and/or control?
Do you use the Verifi™ bed bug detector as part of your protocol?
How does the Verifi™ bed bug detector work?
If you detect bed bugs, how soon after detection can you begin treatment?
If bed bugs are detected, what methods are available for treatment?
What types of treatment options are available?
How often will you return to recheck for bed bugs?
What steps can I take to reduce the chance of bed bugs returning?

Will the Verifi bed bug detector provide onging detection to ensure that bed bugs have not returned?

If the Verifi™ bed bug detector confirms that a bed bug infestation is present, FMC offers a comprehensive line of control products that work together to combat bed bugs from every angle. Ask your pest management professional to use an integrated treatment approach featuring these proven solutions:

Transport® Mikron™ insecticide:
Ideal for treatments around baseboards, carpet edges, ceilings and closet floors, Transport Mikron delivers powerful bed bug control in a clear, liquid formulation. Transport Mikron delivers millions of pest-fighting particles to every treated inch , but unlike competitive products, it won’t leave a messy residue behind.

Talstar® insecticide
This water-based aerosol delivers up to three months of lasting bed bug control to cracks and crevices throughout your rooms, with no mess or oily residue.

CB-40® insecticide
Ideal for use in sensitive areas, this water-based aerosol can be directly applied to mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture without residue, staining or unpleasant odor.

Cynoff® insecticide dust
Bed bugs can hide in electrical outlets, light fixtures and wall voids. Your pest management professional can control bed bugs in these difficult-to-treat areas using Cynoff dust, which has been formulated for optimal coverage and lasting protection.


*Verifi is intended for detection of bed bugs only and does not prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate bed bugs or any other pest.



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