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Dr. Susan Jones, Associate Professor of Entomology at The Ohio State University, talks about the impressive performance of the Verifi bed bug detector.



With its affordability, intelligent design and ease of use, the Verifi® bed bug detector has many advantages over other detection methods. But is it as effective at detecting bed bugs?

FMC Professional Solutions asked some of the nation’s most respected bed bug experts to trial the device. The results have been impressive.

                                               .  This chart shows the performance of the exclusive combination of attractants in the Verifi bed bug detector over CO2 alone.
While competitive active detection devices use one or two attractants, the innovative combination of attractants available in the Verifi bed bug detector work together to enable the device to perform at a much higher level. As you can see, the three attractants combined influence bed bugs at a rate that is significantly greater than one or even two attractants.