About Talstar® XTRA Granular Insecticide featuring Verge Granular Technology

When it’s your job to keep kids safe from pests, you need fire ant control today. Not next month, not next week, not tomorrow, but today.

Now with the new Talstar® XTRA insecticide featuring Verge™ granular technology from FMC, you can kick fire ants out of school  as little as 15 minutes — and keep them out for up to four months— with just one application.

Talstar XTRA granular combines the proven residual of Talstar with the speed of a new active ingredient, zeta-cypermethrin. This brings incredibly fast control of fire ants plus proven performance, application flexibility, and elimination of a broad spectrum of other surface-feeding pests.

And now that Talstar XTRA is formulated on the Verge granule, you get even coverage, quick disintegration in turf, and virtually no odor or dust! The Verge granule is a clay based granule that is uniform in shape and breaks down in less than a minute in water.  It's the latest granule technology available and it's exclusive to Talstar XTRA.

A of this --- plus it's significantly less cost per acre than other products!

Talstar XTRA is uniquely suited for school environments because: 

  • It is not classified by the EPA as a “restricted use” product
  • It is categorized with a “caution” signal word, not “danger” or “warning”
  • It offers long residual control
  • It disappears quickly into turf
  • Virtually dust - and odor - free
  • It’s fast!

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 Verge is a trademark of Oil-Dri Corporation of America.