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When Bruce Cook sees fire ant mounds on an elementary school playground, he knows fast control is of utmost importance. As pest manager for all schools in two central Florida counties, he pays particular attention to these potentially dangerous, stinging insects.

“I need to knock fire ants down now - not later,” says Cook, a certified applicator who has owned his Spring Hill, Fla., business for 19 years. “I can’t have kids stepping in a fire ant mound and getting stung while I’m waiting for a bait to work.”

Cook uses Talstar® XTRA granular insecticide to treat for fire ants in all the schools he manages. An innovative granular product, Talstar XTRA is not restricted use and is approved for broadcast lawn, perimeter and mound treatments. It provides fast-acting control at low application rates, making it an ideal product for use in schoolyards, parks and playgrounds.

“Talstar XTRA has extremely quick knockdown and a good safety profile,” adds Cook. “Schools are high density areas and we can’t take chances with slow-working products. But we also use it anywhere we might encounter fire ants.”