General Pest Information For Golf Course Superintendents | FMC Professional Solutions
General Pest Information for Golf Course Superintendents.

FMC offers a complete line of high performance insecticides to take on the toughest turf and ornamental pests. Talstar® Select insecticide, Talstar® GC granular insecticide, and Allectus™ insecticide, are available to help you control the pests and keep your course looking its best.

Acrobat Ant
Annual Bluegrass Weevil
Ant Family
Argentine Ant
Big Headed Ant
Black Turfgrass Ataenius
Chigger Mite
Chinch Bug
Deer Tick
Fire Ant
Ghost Ant
Large Yellow Ant
Little Black Ant
Mole Cricket
Pavement Ant
Pharaoh Ant
Pyramid Ant
Small Honey Ant
Sod Webworm
Spider Mite
Thief Ant
Yellow jacket, hornet, paper wasp