10 Important DISARM® G granular benefits:

  1. Overall disease-control performance proven equal to or better than other strobilurin fungicides.
  2. Affordably priced for lawn turf use, with a broad spectrum for more disease control per dollar, and cost-effective performance to retain accounts and increase profitability.
  3. DISARM G is the only strobilurin labeled for control of light-to-moderate dollar spot infestations.
  4. Application flexibility: for use alone, or in rotations with systemic or contact fungicides for complete broad-spectrum control of all major turf disease.
  5. Proven in university trials to provide outstanding turf quality ratings.
  6. Long-lasting, systemic disease control activity from roots to leaves.
  7. Superior translaminar activity for enhanced protectant properties throughout the plant.
  8. Effective at low application rates for less product to handle, apply and store.
  9. Convenient bags for easy handling, measuring and application with other products.
  10. The ideal resistance management tool when used in rotations with other non-strobilurin fungicides.

DISARM G is the only strobilurin granule labeled for control of light-to-moderate dollar spot infestations.
DISARM G is the only strobilurin that has demonstrated consistent performance on dollar spot. For heavier infestations, use DISARM G as an ideal rotational partner with other contact or systemic fungicides for optimal dollar spot control and resistance management programs.

The proven turf quality ratings demonstrated by DISARM G help you provide healthier turf and better customer service.
The long residual activity of DISARM G Fungicide has resulted in outstanding turf quality ratings in field trials, delivering great stress tolerance, turf recovery, and healthier turf appearance. Excellent turf quality helps you increase customer satisfaction to retain more of your current accounts, gain new account referrals and help boost your profitability.