Echelon herbicide for preemergence crabgrass control


Get more out of your first treatment of the year. 

Start the year with effective preemergence crabgrass control and a whole lot more. Echelon ® is the first herbicide in its class with a dual mode of action. Exclusively formulated to be both root and shoot absorbed, Echelon controls weeds from the foliage down and from the root up. In independent tests and case studies, Echelon herbicide has shown proven efficacy and long-lasting residual on crabgrass control.

More benefits. Fewer applications.

The exclusive dual mode of action isn’t the only thing that separates Echelon herbicide from the competition. Echelon is truly unique in the way it reduces follow-up applications by working to control other weeds at the time of application, including preemergence and postemergence sedges and a variety of broadleaf weeds. Furthermore, Echelon is the first product of its kind to offer both preemergence and early postemergence goosegrass control. By doing so much more in a single treatment, Echelon helps reduce the need for follow-up applications, saving you time and money.

Get so much more from a single treatment: 
    • Preemergence crabgrass control 
    • Early postemergence crabgrass control (1-4 leaf stage) 
    • Preemergence nutsedge control 
    • Postemergence nutsedge control 
    • Preemergence goosegrass control 
    • Early postemergence goosegrass control (1-4 leaf stage) 
    • Postemergence suppression of broadleaf weeds

Echelon is available as both a sprayable application and as a dry application on fertilizer. Either formulation boasts favorable turf tolerance on both cool- and warm-season grasses. See label for details.