Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the active ingredient in XONERATE?
A. Amicarbazone 70 WDG.

Q. When is the preferred time of year to apply XONERATE to creeping bentgrass?
A. XONERATE should be applied in the spring months, although early summer is acceptable in the extreme northern United States.

Q. What is the preferred air temperature for applying XONERATE to creeping bentgrass?
A. Daytime air temperatures should range from 55 - 80° F.

Q. Is the use of a nonionic surfactant required for XONERATE?
A. A nonionic surfactant is not required but may be included with XONERATE. Good results have also been obtained in creeping bentgrass fairways when a light irrigation (approx. 0.1 inch of water) has been applied immediately after application. If immediate irrigation is to be used, it is not necessary to add a nonionic surfactant.

Q. When can I expect the Poa annua to be eliminated?
A. Results will vary by geography and time of year, but normally you can expect XONERATE to eliminate Poa annua within three to four weeks. 2

Q. When can I begin re-seeding creeping bentgrass after application?
A. You can begin re-seeding seven days after the last application of XONERATE.

Q. I have a heavy Poa annua population. Is XONERATE recommended?
A. Until users become familiar with XONERATE activity on Poa annua, applications are not recommended for populations greater than 10 percent.

2 Rates and applications will vary by turf type and geography.