Making Bed Bug Detection Flexible: New Back Plate Available for Verifi® Bed Bug Detectors


PHILADELPHIA, April 16, 2013 – FMC Professional Solutions is offering a new back plate option for the Verifi® bed bug detector. Now, pest management professionals can hang the detectors securely while still servicing them easily. The Verifi Back Plate is available in packages of 12 through pest management distribution channels throughout the United States and Canada.

The Verifi back plate can be easily installed on walls using a drill, screws and the provided anchors. Once the plate is installed, the activated Verifi unit slides in place for monitoring, and easily slides out for inspection or reactivation. The exposed sides of the back plate employ the same texture as the Verifi devices, so bed bugs can easily climb into the pitfall, whether they move up the device or up the plate. 
"Our customers told us they needed this new back plate option and we delivered," said Catherine Bernard of FMC. "Pest management professionals can use the back plate for ongoing, long-term bed bug detection or install multiple plates in facility 'hot spots,' and then move detectors to those spots when complaints occur."
 When moving the Verifi bed bug detectors from one room to another, follow pest management protocol by carefully inspecting the detectors and cleaning them with CB-40® insecticide, so infestations are not spread accidentally. A new Verifi CO2 booster pack should also be activated when moving the detectors to a new location.

The Verifi bed bug detector is the first bed bug detection tool to provide continuous detection of bed bugs for up to 90 days at a time in a small, easy-to-use device. A pest management professional can quickly and easily install the device for year-round monitoring in homes, multi-housing units, hotels, offices, schools and other places where bed bugs may be a problem. And unlike canine and other detection methods, Verifi is discrete and un-obtrusive, operates silently, and does not require occupants to vacate the room while in use.
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 Always read and follow use directions. Verifi is intended for detection of bed bugs only and does not prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate bed bugs or any other pest. FMC and Verifi are trademarks of FMC Corporation. © 2013 FMC Corporation. All rights reserved.
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