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Bed bug treatment diagram

Transport® GHP insecticide

With its powerful blend of active ingredients, Transport GHP insecticide combats bed bugs with an impressively fast-acting knockdown and long-lasting residual. Formulated for an optimized transfer effect, Transport GHP delivers unbeatable efficacy, often achieving control of bed bugs within only 24 hours.

Transport GHP insecticide from FMC Professional Solutions

Apply Transport GHP as a perimeter treatment around areas like floors, ceilings and corners, or use as a crack and crevice or spot treatment.

Perimeter Treatment:

Apply Transport® GHP insecticide as an interior perimeter treatment around infested rooms, including perimeters of closet floors.


Dismantle the headboard (or remove it from the wall, if applicable) and apply a crack and crevice treatment with Transport GHP to any potential hiding places behind it.

Bed Frames and Box Springs:

Investigate legs, posts, wheels and casters of the bed for bed bug activity, and treat with a crack and crevice application of Transport GHP.


Remove all drawers to allow for a spot treatment with Transport GHP to areas inside and underneath the dresser.

Picture Frames and Other Wall Hangings:

Remove these objects and treat them with a crack and crevice application of Transport GHP. Be sure to examine the wall for recessed screws, which can provide harborage for bed bug. Treat these areas, if applicable.


Spot treat baseboards with Transport GHP (and treat inside any gaps between the baseboard and the walls) to leave residual protection where bed bugs are likely to crawl.

Carpet Edges:

Treat cracks and crevices that may be present along carpet edges with an application of Transport GHP for ongoing residual control of bed bugs.

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