AllectusTM Stops Insects Above and Below the Surface With One Application.

The end is near for insects.

In 2004, FMC and Bayer CropScience signed a development agreement to cooperatively bring a number of new products to the T&O market.

Now turf and ornamental managers can control all major insect pests above and below the surface with a single product.

Allectus insecticide combines the power of two industry leading insecticides to give lawn care professionals and golf course superintendents unprecedented pest control.

Allectus provides highly effective preventive and curative control of grubs and most surface feeding insects. One application provides up to 12 weeks of residual control; two applications give season-long protection. This convenient, complete insect solution eliminates the need for multiple applications of several products to increase productivity and effi ciency.

Two Powerful Modes of Action

Allectus combines imidacloprid and bifenthrin to harness two powerful modes of action. Allectus prevents the flow of nerve impulses through the insect's individual nerve cells, and stops the flow between nerves as well. This dual activity unites the rapid action of a synthetic pyrethroid with the long residual control of a neonicotinoid for fast curative control and excellent residual control of surface-feeding turf pests.

This unique combination of active ingredients delivers a one-two punch that makes Allectus the only broad-spectrum insecticide to control pests both above and below the surface.

Low Application Rates

Allectus provides effective insect control at low application rates. When used as recommended, Allectus delivers 90 percent broad-spectrum insect control. Because Allectus controls multiple insect stages, turf managers have a wide window of application for convenient management options.

Allectus is available in granular formulations for soil applications.

  • Allectus G - Granular formulation for residential lawns and other areas
  • Allectus GC - Granular formulation for golf courses and sod farms

Liquid formulations include:

  • Allectus SC - Liquid formulation (0.81 lb. active ingredient per gallon) for residential properties
  • Allectus SC GC - Liquid formulation (0.63 lb. active ingredient per gallon) for golf courses

Allectus Controls a Broad Spectrum of Insects That Feed Above and Below Ground.

  • annual bluegrass weevil
  • chinch bugs
  • cutworms
  • billbugs
  • fire ants
  • sod webworms
  • Japanese beetle (grub)
  • northern masked chafer (grub)
  • southern masked chafer (grub)
  • European chafer (grub)
  • mole crickets
  • Oriental beetle (grub)

Available Allectus Application Guides (PDF format)