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Greens Control with Fairway Affordability.

Proven unsurpassed strobilurin disease control.

Extensive university trials have proven that DISARM® provides unsurpassed overall strobilurin disease control equal to or better than current competitive strobilurins.

Affordable cost per acre for use on fairways, tees or anywhere on your course.

Because it’s priced at a more affordable cost per acre than competitive strobilurins, and is an extraordinarily broad-spectrum product, you can apply DISARM economically and effectively on fairways, as well as tees and greens, throughout your entire golf course.

DISARM, Protection From Tee To Cup

  • Outstanding disease control performance equal to or better than other strobilurin fungicides.
  • Effective on greens, yet affordable for fairway use.
  • Application Flexibility: Use alone, or in combination or rotation with contacts, DMI’s, or non-strobilurin fungicides for broad-spectrum control of all major turf diseases.
  • DISARM is the only strobilurin labeled for control of light-to-moderate infestations of dollar spot.
  • Proven in extensive multi-year university trials to consistently provide superior turf quality.
  • Fast-acting, long-lasting systemic disease control from roots to leaves.
  • Superior translaminar activity for enhanced protectant properties throughout the plant.
  • Effective at low application rates (4.0 to 16.0 ounces per acre) for less product to handle, apply and store.
  • A convenient 480 SC formulation for easy tank mixing with other products.
  • The ideal resistance management tool when used in tank-mix combinations or rotations.

Five formulation benefits that set DISARM apart from other strobilurin fungicides:

  1. Rapid systemic activity quickly penetrates leaf surfaces and translocates throughout the entire plant to deliver fast-acting disease protection and stop any further growth of established fungi.
  2. After absorption by the leaf surface, DISARM is stored in a reservoir of active ingredient, allowing translaminar movement through the plant tissue, protecting undersides of grass blades and other surfaces not sprayed directly.
  3. Root systemic activity allows the roots of turf plants to readily take up fluoxastrobin and then translocate it to all plant parts, providing protection from invading fungi from within the plant.
  4. Fluoxastrobin activity allows it to be “recycled” to release continuous protection for long-lasting residual control until re-treatment is needed.
  5. Fluoxastrobin is rainfast in as little as 15 minutes, giving you greater flexibility to work around irrigation schedules and sudden rainstorms.

DISARM® is the Only Strobilurin Labeled for Control of Light-to-Moderate Dollar Spot Infestations.

Unlike other strobilurins, DISARM has demonstrated unique activity on dollar spot, and is labeled for control of light-to-moderate dollar spot infestations. For heavier infestations, use DISARM as an ideal tank-mix partner with other contact or systemic fungicides for optimal dollar spot control and resistance management programs.

DISARM is Now Proven to Increase Plant Health.

In a new study conducted in 2012 by the University of California—Riverside, DISARM was proven to show superior plant health benefits. Creeping bentgrass treated with DISARM had numerically longer roots at all evaluation dates that Insignia® or Heritage®. DISARM treated bentgrass also had a significantly greater number of roots at all evaluation dates than bentgrass treated with Insignia or Heritage.

Healthier roots mean healthier plants, which is why bentgrass treated with DISARM is better able to withstand drought and stress conditions, green up quicker in the spring, and recovers faster from damage and heavy use.