Rayora® Fungicide


Rayora® fungicide contains flutriafol, a breakthrough active ingredient from FMC, is part of the next generation of DMIs.

Ideal for preventative and curative Dollar Spot, Rayora fungicide is set apart by its rapid foliar and root uptake.  Rayora also provides preventative control of brown patch and gray leaf spot.  Its uptake and redistribution is faster than any other in its class, meaning it gets into the turf quickly and starts working.  It's not only fast, but long lasting as well.  In addition, Rayora actively protects the treated turf and newly developed leaves as the turf grows. Rayora has turf safety with proven examples of excellent turf grass quality.

  • Rapid foliar and root uptake; Uptake and redistribution is faster than any other DMI
  • Actively protects treated turf grass leaves and newly developing leaves
  • Rainfast in two hours
  • Preliminary data suggests effectiveness on certain DMI and SDHI insensitive strains
  • Proven turf safety - no regulation effect