Dismiss CA Herbicide for Fast Sedge Control in California | FMC Professional Solutions

Nothing puts you in control of sedges like Dismiss CA Turf Herbicide

By producing results against sedges you can see in just 24 to 48 hours, Dismiss turf herbicide has quickly earned the trust and respect of turf professionals across the nation. Now with Dismiss CA turf herbicide, turf professionals in California and Arizona can experience truly high-speed sedge control for themselves!

While most sedge products take weeks to show visible signs of control against yellow nutsedge and green kyllinga, Dismiss CA delivers results you can see even a day after treatment and often achieves total control in about a week. Dismiss CA will also control purple nutsedge with two applications.

Not only does Dismiss CA attack the weed on the surface, but it also penetrates the soil and prevents sedge tubers from germinating. This helps to prevent future outbreaks, reducing the need for re-treats down the line and minimizing additional labor and chemical costs. It even provides postemergence broadleaf weed activity, so you’ll see a reduction in broadleaf weed populations where you’ve treated for sedges.

Despite its unparalleled speed, Dismiss CA herbicide is surprisingly gentle on your turf. Available in an easy-to-use 6-ounce bottle with doser device and see-thru strip, Dismiss CA is well tolerated on 13 common turfgrasses.

It’s time to discover what professionals from coast to coast already know: when it comes to postemergence sedge control, nothing works faster than Dismiss CA!