Echelon 4SC Herbicide for Preemergence Poa Annua Control | FMC Professional Solutions
Echelon herbicide for preemergence Poa annua control


Poa annua control is just the beginning.

The optimized formulation of Echelon® herbicide is changing the way golf course superintendents look at preemergent Poa annua control. The proven control of Echelon is both root and shoot absorbed, so it controls weeds from the foliage down and from the root up—yielding proven results and a long-lasting residual.

More benefits. Fewer applications.

Echelon herbicide goes beyond effective preemergent Poa annua control to help manage the weeds that cause headaches later on in the year. In fact, a treatment with Echelon could be the last herbicide application of the season.

What truly sets Echelon herbicide apart from the competition is its efficacy against yellow nutsedge, goosegrass, and broadleaf weeds.  No other product works like Echelon does− helping to reduce subsequent applications and to save time and money.

Get so much more from a single treatment:  

  • Preemergent Poa annua control  
  • Postemergent sedge control  
  • Postemergent goosegrass suppression  
  • Postemergent control of small crabgrass  
  • Preemergent winter annual broadleaves 

 Echelon is available as both a sprayable application and as a dry application on fertilizer. Either formulation boasts favorable turf tolerance on both cool- and warm-season grasses. See label for details.