Performance Assurance Program with Echelon Herbicide | FMC Professional Solutions

Echelon herbicide is part of the FMC Performance Assurance Program

Echelon herbicide from FMC Professional Solutions


Get more out of your first treatment of the year. 

Echelon® Herbicide will change the way you look at your spring preemergence herbicide program.  Echelon Herbicide provides the season-long crabgrass control you and your customers require. It also controls goosegrass and sedges like yellow nutsedge and green kyllinga during the same application.

  • Preemergence crabgrass control 
  • Early postemergence crabgrass control (1-4 leaf stage) 
  • Preemergence nutsedge control 
  • Postemergence nutsedge control 
  • Preemergence goosegrass control 
  • Early postemergence goosegrass control (1-4 leaf stage) 
  • Postemergence suppression of broadleaf weeds

Echelon is available as both a sprayable application and as a dry application on fertilizer. Either formulation boasts favorable turf tolerance on both cool- and warm-season grasses. See label for details.