Xonerate®2SC Herbicide, New and Improved!

Xonerate® 2SC Herbicide is a proven solution for post-emergent control of Poa annua in cool and warm season turf and Tropical signalgrass in warm season turf. Enjoy the flexibility of re-seeding while removing the nuisance of Poa annua from your course. With your reputation on the line, lead with a product that provides consistent, long-lasting control. In University trials, Xonerate 2SC Herbicide provided nearly 90% control of Poa annua 57 DAIT. *

In the South, Tropical Signalgrass can blanket your course in no time. Xonerate 2SC Herbicide mixed with Dismiss® South Herbicide offers a demonstrated solution for long-term control in warm season turf. University trials show over 90% control of Tropical Signalgrass 97 DAIT.**

At FMC, we understand your time is a valuable resource. Xonerate Herbicide 2SC Herbicide offers an easy to mix, non-clogging formulation available in convenient packaging. Don’t let Poa or Tropical Signalgrass disrupt your course. Contact an FMC sales representative for more information on how Xonerate 2SC Herbicide can save you time, resources, and improve the playability of your course.


*K. Umdea, University of Arizona

Lower Desert, Encanterra Golf Club

Initial application applied March 7, March 21, 2017

**Dr. B. McCarty

Clemson University- Site in Florida

Initial application applied June 7, 2016