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Fame™+C: The Original Strobilurin and Chlorothalonil Fungicide for Total Disease Control. Total disease protection in one container.

Fame™ +C provides the total turf fungicide package for total disease control containing Fluoxastrobin for patented systemic Strobilurin activity, with the proven contact activity of Chlorothalonil. Fame™ +C provides the broadest spectrum unsurpassed protection against thirty widely prevalent diseases, plus two proven modes of activity on Dollar Spot.
The combination of Fluoxastrobin and Chlorothalonil in one product provides a built-in resistance management strategy while enhancing the activity of each active ingredient against difficult to control turf pathogens.

There is simply no easier, more cost-efficient or worry-free way to protect your entire golf course.

Fame™ +C combines two modes of activity at an affordable price.

One: Fluoxastrobin, the enhanced Strobilurin active ingredient in Fame™ +C, is priced at the most affordable cost per acre of any Strobilurin.
Two: Chlorothalonil, the contact disease control ingredient in Fame™ +C, is the same active ingredient found in the leading contact product, yet delivered at a highly cost-effective rate per acre.
Three: Fame™ +C formulation application rates are perfectly calibrated to optimize the performance of both active ingredients, saving you the crew time and labor costs of tank mixing. It all adds up to Fame™ +C giving you premium disease control results at an affordable price, so you can apply it economically on fairways, greens and tees– wherever disease control is needed.

Worry-Free Control of All Major Spot, Patch, Blight, and Snow Mold Diseases in One Product.

Fame™ +C provides a complete disease control program delivering both instant contact and fast-acting systemic control of 30 major turfgrass diseases including, but not limited to:

Anthracnose Brown Patch Dollar Spot
Fairy Ring     Leaf Spot Microdochium Patch             
Powdery Mildew                     Red Thread                              Rust
Southern Blight                      Summer Patch                       Algae
Copper Spot Dicondra Lead Spot Gary Leaf Spot             
 Melting Out  Pink Patch Pythium Blight 
Pythium Root Rot, Damping Off Snow Mold Spring Dead Spot 
Take-All Patch