Talstar® PL Granular Insecticide – For Surface-Feeding Pests | FMC Professional Solutions


Effective, reliable control of surface-feeding pests is Talstar PL Inseciticide.

With Talstar® PL insecticide, the number one trusted brand of insecticides, you can count on the advanced granular formulation to control your toughest surface-feeding pests. With its renowned dependability and broad label, you can be confident that no matter how difficult the pest challenge, Talstar PL Insecticide will help you prevail. 

Talstar PL Insecticide is a highly effective insecticide that provides long-lasting control of the most problematic surface-feeding pests, like billbugs, chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, mites and all species of lawn ants. And with its low application rate, Talstar PL Insecticide is a cost-effective pest solution when you need it most.

Dependability in a convenient granular formulation.

Talstar PL Insecticide features a unique granular technology that allows the particles to disperse and disappear upon wetting, without staining concrete or damaging plants. This formulation is easy on the applicator, easy to calibrate and easy to spread. Talstar PL Inseciticide won’t leach out of the top-treated zone, so a single treatment can achieve longer residual and better insect control.

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