Fame™ +T
Fluoxastrobin Action and MORE

Fame™ +T combines Strobilurin (FRAC 11) fungicide with systemic DMI (FRAC 3) fungicide to optimize resistance management.

Fame +T is a broad-spectrum fungicide for the control of certain diseases in turf and ornamentals. Fame™ +T works by interfering with respiration and sterol synthesis in plant-pathogenic fungi, and is a potent inhibitor of spore germination and mycelial growth. The active ingredients, Fluoxastrobin and Tebuconazole move rapidly into green tissue via translaminar movement and are rainfast in as little as fifteen minutes after application. Roots of plants also take up the active ingredients where it is translocated throughout the xylem of plants to provide internal inhibition of fungal growth and protect the plant from new infections. The broad spectrum of activity of Fame™ +T makes it an excellent choice as a broad spectrum, dual action fungicide for turf disease management programs. Other labeled fungicides can be used in tank mixture or alternated with Fame™ +T to cover all the major fungal diseases.

Resistance Management

The active ingredients in Fame™ +T (Fluoxastrobin and Tebuconazole) belong to the Strobilurin (Group 11 Fungicides) class of chemistry and the Dimethylase Inhibitor (Group 03 Fungicides) classes of fungicide. The dual action of Fame™ +T results in a built in resistance management strategy that will minimize the resistance in at risk pathogens. Fungal pathogens are known to develop resistance to products with the same mode of action when used repeatedly. Because resistance development cannot be predicted, the use of this product should conform to resistance management strategies established for turf. Such strategies may include rotating and/or tank-mixing with products having different modes of action or limiting the total number of applications per season. FMC encourages responsible resistance management to ensure effective long-term control of the fungal diseases.

In programs in which Fame™ +T is used, the number of Group 11 fungicides (Strobilurins) and Group 3 fungicides (Demethylase Inhibitors) applications should be no more than one half of the total number of fungicide applications per season for at risk pathogens.

Controlled Diseases

Golf Course Turf


Brown Patch

Dollar Spot

Fairy Ring

Gray Leaf Spot

Leaf Spot

Melting Out

Microdochium Patch

Pink Snow Mold

Pythium Blight

Pythium Root Rot

Red Thread

Round Ring Patch

Snow Mold

Southern Blight

Spring Dead Spot

Summer Patch

Take-All Patch

Yellow Patch


Aerial/Shoot Blight

Alternaria Leaf Spot


Black Spot

Botrytis Blight

Cercospora Leaf Spot

Corynespora Leaf Spot

Downey Mildew

Myrothecium Leaf Spot

Powdery Mildews



Septoria Leaf Spot

Web Blight

White Mold