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Aria insecticide for aphid control 

Aria insecticide from FMC Professional Solutions 


The smart chemistry that aphids can’t resist.

Aphids are one of the most destructive pests in greenhouses, known to attack almost every species of ornamental plant you grow. What’s worse, increased resistance has made aphids one of the toughest pests to manage—especially without running the risk of harming plants or beneficial insects.

Aria® insecticide features a unique mode of action. Through contact and ingestion, the active ingredient in Aria stops both adult and immature aphids from feeding within one hour of treatment, and eliminates them within three to five days as a result of dehydration and starvation.

Aria effectively controls many species of aphids that attack greenhouse plant investments. With no known cross-resistance with other insecticides, Aria is an ideal part of your chemistry rotation. What’s more, the active ingredient in Aria (flonicamid) remains effective, even when exposed to higher temperatures.

Targeted, responsible control.

While tough on all major species of aphids, Aria is easy on most plant species and ornamentals. Its unique chemistry is designed for minimized impact on birds, honeybees and beneficials, with no effect on coleopterans, lepidopterans or arachnids. With a “caution” signal word and low use rates, Aria is all the control you need without posing a significant threat to the delicate environment of your greenhouse.

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