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Onyx Pro insecticide for beetles and borers

Onyx Pro insecticide from FMC Professional Solutions 


Borer and beetle prevention that’s made for professionals.

FMC developed OnyxPro® insecticide specifically for nursery growers and Christmas tree growers to prevent damage from devastating bark beetles, wood borers and clearwing borers.

As you know, invasive beetles and borers are a serious threat to our nation’s forests. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates the potential cost for damage by emerald ash borers alone could exceed $7 billion by 2031. This has led state and federal authorities to implement quarantines and closely monitor interstate transport of nursery stock susceptible to beetle and borer pest damage.

Protect your investment with a preventative application of OnyxPro insecticide. For best results, apply OnyxPro one or two months prior to expected adult beetle flight (check with your county or local state extension specialist to find out the optimal timing for the target pest). Then rest easy knowing you’ve protected your plant investments—and the nation’s forests—from borer and beetle damage.

Note: Onyx Pro is a Restricted Use Pesticide RUP.