Residual Fogger – Approved For Use In Food Handling Areas | FMC Professional Solutions

FMC FOGGERS                                         

Control roaches, fleas and other infestations.

FMC fogger products provide PMPs with effective total release foggers for control of even the toughest roach, flying and crawling insect infestations. Each fully-evacuating canister yields up to 5,000 cubic feet knockdown and control.

Foggers are available in two powerful formulations:

Pyrethrin Fogger™
• Dual synergized pyrethrins at the maximum 0.05% pyrethrin concentration 
• Labeled for food handling, hospitals, restaurants,  schools, warehouses, offices, theaters,
  garages, hotels, kennels and sensitive areas

Residual Fogger™
• Effective and economical control approved for both food and non-food areas
• Contains pyrethrins for maximum flushing, knockdown and kill
• Features Esfenvalerate and provides 30 days residual