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Echelon Herbicide


"Echelon ® has become the go-to option for our fall pre-emergence program. We have been pleased with every FMC product we have used."

 Andrew Jordan CGCS Pinebrook Ironwood Golf Course Bradenton, FL

What is Echelon 4SC Herbicide


This patented formulation is both root and shoot absorbed, Echelon ® 4SC herbicide controls weeds from the foliage down and from the root up. In independent tests and case studies, Echelon ® 4SC herbicide has demonstrated proven efficacy and long-lasting residual on preemergent crabgrass. Echelon ® 4SC herbicide is truly unique in the way it reduces follow-up applications by controlling other weeds, including preemergent and postemergent sedges and a variety of broadleaf weeds. By doing so much more in a single treatment, Echelon ® 4SC herbicide helps reduce the need for subsequent applications, saving you time and money


Echelon ® 4SC herbicide is available as a flowable formulation (suspension concentrate) and Echelon ® herbicide can be formulated on fertilizer for a combination product. The mode of action involves uptake by both weed roots and shoots of existing weeds and prevention of growth by newly emerged weed seedlings

General Use notes

Echelon ® 4SC herbicide is a selective pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide for control of sedges, crabgrass, Poa annua , other annual grasses. It also provides pre- emergent control on goosegrass.

Application Guidelines

Echelon ® 4SC herbicide is a suspension concentrate intended for dilution with water. In certain applications, liquid fertilizer may replace water as diluent. • For power sprayers, uniform and accurate spray coverage requires proper calibration and operation of spray equipment. The use of marker dyes or foams can improve application accuracy. • This product may be used on seeded, sodded, or sprigged turfgrasses that are well established. First application of this product can be made following the second mowing providing the grass has developed into a uniform stand with a good root system.

FMC Stands Behind Echelon

Ask about our Echelon ® Herbicide Assurance Program for Bermudagrass

Echelon Herbicide

  • Convenient, easy-to-mix formulation
  • Plant uptake occurs through both roots and foliage
  • Combination product formulated on a fertilizer

Weeds Controlled

  • Crabgrass
  • Poa annua
  • Goosegrass
  • Sedges

Labeled Use Sites

Golf course fairways and rough • Athletic fields • Residential and institutional lawns • Commercial sod farms • Roadsides and utility right-of-ways • Railways and industrial areas