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QuickSilver T&O Herbicide

QuickSilver T&O

"QuickSilver ® provided the best control with the fewest applications."

Dr. Mike Richardson University of Arkansas

"QuickSilver® is highly effective for moss control on bentgrass greens."

Dr. Scott McElroy Auburn University

"Based on 11 years of testing, QuickSilver® appears to be the most consistent for controlling silvery thread moss over a broad range of environmental conditions."

Dr. Fred Yelverton North Caroline State University

What is Quicksilver Herbicide?

QuickSilver ® herbicide contains carfentrazone-ethyl, which has been thoroughly evaluated by turf researchers and proven effective in field use. QuickSilver ® works by inhibiting a key enzyme in moss chlorophyll production. It’s so effective, research has shown QuickSilver ® reduces up to 90% of moss in just two applications when used at labeled rates according to label directions.

How does Quicksilver Herbicice Work?

QuickSilver ® inhibits protoporphyrinogen oxidase (commonly known as a PPO or protox). Inhibition of the protox enzyme induces lipid peroxidation and results in disruption of plant cell membranes. The active ingredient in QuickSilver ® , carefentrazone, causes rapid necrosis in moss. This process occurs in the green tissue of moss shoots where active photosynthesis is occurring. This inhibition leads to cell disruption and plant desiccation.

General Use Notes

Silvery Thread Moss control starts with sound agronomics. Proper fertility and mowing heights are essential in managing moss. Ideally, QuickSilver ® T&O Herbicide applications should be made around the time of aerification which promotes the growth of desirable turf. This is important in situations where moss infestations are severe. In areas where voids are left by moss, turfgrass will fill those voids faster when using proper agronomic practices.

Application Guidelines

Initial QuickSilver ® applications of 6.7 fl. oz./acre should be made 1 week prior to aerification. • A second application of 6.7 fl. oz./acre should be made 2 weeks after the initial application. Minimum retreat intervals for broadcast application is 2 weeks. • Once the superintendent has gained control of the moss infestation, monthly QuickSilver ® applications of 2 fl.oz./acre can be made to aid in keeping on top of the moss populations. • Do not apply more than 6.7 fl. oz./acre per application or more than 26.8 fl. oz/acre per year. • Avoid QuickSilver ® applications when desirable turf is under stress. • Allow a 30 day window between a bensulide application and applying QuickSilver ® . • The addition of a Non-Ionic Surfactant (NIS) at a rate of 0.25% v/v can increase control of moss.

Quicksilver Herbicide

  • EPA "Reduced Risk" herbicide
  • Low use rates
  • Non-phenoxy herbicide
  • Rainfast within 1 hour

Weeds Controlled

Silvery Thread Moss

Labeled Use Sites

  • Golf Courses
  • Refer to label for all use sites